Non-Profit Specializing in Korean Jindo Dog Rescue in the NYC Tri-State Area

Treasured k9s is a 501(c)(3) Jindo Rescue based in the NYC Tri-State area.

3 Special Dogs need homes

Alex is ready for a home

Alex is a stunning 1 yr old Jindo Mix who came from the streets of South Korea. We'd like to thank Care2, This Dish is Vegetarian, The Animals Post and A Place to Love Dogs for telling Alex's story.

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Donations for Alex may be made via PayPal or checks payable to Treasured k9s may be mailed to: P.O. Box 575 Georgetown, CT 06829-0575. All donaitons are tax-deductible.

Alex’s life began in South Korea where life for dogs is very difficult. Alex was mistreated from the second he entered into the world. Separated from his mom and siblings at just a few weeks old, Alex was left in a dirty crate outdoors and alone. A U.S. Service member stationed in South Korea discovered Alex when he was only 8 weeks old and on his second abusive owner. Alex was skinny, filthy dirty and scared of everything. The owner didn’t want Alex anymore and was about to sell him to a dog meat trader. Luckily for Alex, the service member intercepted Alex and eventually brought him home to the States to live with his family.

Due to the abuse, Alex was terrified and often would shut down completely in terror: hitting the ground, curling up in a ball and pressing his little eyes closed as tightly as possible. Every little noise startled him. He began to find some comfort in his new home but his abuse haunted him. He became fear aggressive as he matured, deciding that defending himself first was the best way to ensure he would not be harmed. The family eventually realized Alex needed more help than they could give him.

Treasured k9s was able to take Alex and budgeted $6000 a standard 2 month rehabilitation with a professional behaviorist. It soon became clear that Alex would need far more than 2 months. Alex’s rehabilitation costs have exceeded $20,000.  The investment has paid off for Alex as he is now ready for adoption. He's transformed into a happy, playful dog who LOVES other dogs and is learning humans aren't going to hurt him. If you are interested in adopting Alex, please submit an adoption application.

* Treasured k9s views behavioral rehabilitation expenses the same as medical expenses. They both are necessary to prepare a dog for adoption. Alex's rehabilitation has cost over $20,000. Please donate so we can continue our work for the many other dog like Alex who need us.

Lollipop needs a special home

Petite little Lollipop has a name a sweet as sugar, but don't let that fool you. She's a spunky, bossy, full of attitude female Jindo who will gladly push around the other dogs in the house and charm the humans. Her name should have been Pushy Pop. Amazingly enough, the other dogs seem to go along with her leadership. You can't help but love her personality. Cute as can be and she knows it! Lollipop is a social girl who loves every human she meets. Curious and always ready to explore, yet she falls sound asleep in the car.

Lollipop has undergone extensive treatment for her skin allergies and we're happy to report that she's improved significantly! She's almost allergy free for the first time in her life! If you're interested in giving this adorable girl a forever home, please submit an adoption application



Handsome Copper needs a home

Copper is a stunningly handsome, muscular, soulful and reserved 2 year-old male Korean Jindo Dog. Copper was found roaming the city streets without tags or a chip, and was never claimed by an owner.

Copper is very obedient on leash and can probably be trained to hike off-leash in due time. Copper is an escape artist and even managed to escape from the shelter play yard, only to be caught and returned. He is a smart boy who listens to commands for sit, stay, down, and roll over. Like many Jindos, he can be pushy when meeting new dogs but if introduced slowly he does well. He defers to dominant female dogs in their space. We feel that Copper would do best in a home with more than one adult  to keep him becoming over attached, as he did display severe separation anxiety while he was in a temporary home with a single person. Copper is picky about his dog friends and may do okay living with a dominant female dog, but being an only dog would be best for him.

Copper is currently boarding with a behavioral trainer as we do not have a foster home for him. Copper is unsure of strangers and it takes time for him to build trust, but once he does, he's a loyal companion. Probably the most loyal dog ever! Copper has been through extensive obedience training and does well with routine and structure. If you are interested in adopting Copper, please submit an adoption application.

*Treasured k9s has incurred over $15,000 in training and boarding expenses for Copper and the expenses continue to mount every month he's in boarding. If you'd like to help Copper by donating towards his expenses, please click HERE for information on how to donate.








Treasured k9s, Inc. is an all volunteer non-profit organization whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, re-home and reduce the number of homeless Korean Jindo dogs in the United States and other canine breeds when possible, by utilizing all training methods including dog psychology, pack mentality and positive reinforcement to reduce behavioral problems thus, increasing adoptions and owner-retention rates.

Treasured k9s is funded soley by donations. We appreiate your support. We accept donations via PayPal or checks can be mailed to: PO Box 575 Georgetown, CT 06829-0575

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