Adoption Process for Treasured k9s

Treasured k9s, Inc. Adoption Process

The adoption process formally begins with a completed Adoption Application. Once Treasured k9s receives the adoption application, we will review the application to determine if the home is a potential fit for the dog if interest or another dog in our care. Treasured k9s will respond to all applicants within 48 hours of receiving the application via email to confirm receipt of the application. The applicant will be contacted by a Treasured k9s volunteer either by phone or email to discuss the application further. If the applicant is a potential fit for a dog, Treasured k9s will conduct an initial phone interview. If all goes well, Treasured k9s will schedule another phone interview between the applicant and foster home. The foster home should conduct the second interview to determine if the dog the applicant is interested in will be a good fit for the applicant. If the foster home determines a match can be made, then Treasured k9s will schedule a time for the applicant to come to the foster home to meet the dog. If the foster determines that the applicant is not a good match, Treasured k9s may suggest another dog to the applicant, either under the care of Treasured k9s or another organization.

Treasured k9s requires that all applicants are willing and able to come to the foster home or to a jointly agreed upon neutral territory to meet the dog. The applicant should bring as many members of the household as possible to meet the dog including: spouse/partner, children and other dogs. If the initial meeting is successful, a home visit is schedule.  A home visit may be conducted by either the foster home, another Treasured k9s volunteer or a volunteer from another rescue, depending on who is available and the closest. The dog may or may not be brought to the home visit depending on who conducts the home visit.  Once the home visit is complete and it appears that the dog and applicant are a good match, the applicant is cleared to adopt. The adoption is scheduled and the adoption process is finalized when the adopter signs the contract and pays the adoption fee, per our published fee schedule. The adoption will take place at a predetermined location.

Treasured k9s requires the applicant to be willing and able to come to pick up the dog in person to finalize the adoption. Treasured k9s does not transport dogs to adopters. Treasured k9s permits long distance and out-of-state adoptions and the same adoption process and policies outlined above apply.

In Summary:

  1. Adoption application completed and received by Treasured k9s
  2. Initial phone interview
  3. Phone interview with foster home
  4. Meet Dog
  5. Home Visit (steps 4 and 5 can be reversed)

Adoption is finalized: contracts signed and adoption fee paid