Overview of Treasured k9s history and misison

Mission Statement

Treasured k9s, Inc. is an all volunteer non-profit organization whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, re-home and reduce the number of homeless Korean Jindo dogs in the United States and other canine breeds when possible, by utilizing all training methods including dog psychology, pack mentality and positive reinforcement to reduce behavioral problems thus, increasing adoptions and owner-retention rates.   

About Treasured k9s

Treasured k9s, Inc.501(c)(3), established in June, 2008, is a dog rescue organization specializing in rescuing and re-homing Korean Jindo dogs. Treasured k9s, Inc. focuses primarily on the East Coast, but will make an effort to help a Jindo in need wherever it may be and we will also help other breeds when we are able to.

Treasured k9s, Inc. was founded by Kristen Edmonds who served on the Board of Directors for the Jindo Project, Inc. Kristen began her rescue career working with Siberian Husky Rescues, specifically Arizona Siberian Husky Rescue and Adoption and Siberian Husky Rescue and Referral of California. While in California, Kristen fostered a “White Siberian Husky mix” that turned out to be a Jindo. Kristen’s mother-in-law is Korean, so she felt it fitting that she turn her attention to Jindos. Minnie was a fiesty young 6 month old Jindo who taught Kristen everything she knew about working with a head strong, food aggressive, dominant female. Through their nearly 13 years together, Minnie inspired Kristen's work with Jindos. Minnie saved hundreds of Jindos and started a movement. May her legacy live on. 

Jindos are growing in numbers throughout the U.S. and unfortunately, are also ending up in animal shelters with increasing frequency. Jindo rescue as a whole consists of only a handful of people throughout the U.S. and Canada. As a result, only a small fraction of Jindos are saved from dying unnecessarily in shelters. Foster homes are always the greatest need, but volunteers in all capacities are needed to increase the ability of Treasured k9s to save dogs.