Alex - Jindo Available for Adoption

Adopt Alex the 1 yr old Jindo Mix!

Alex, the 1 year old Jindo Mix

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Alex’s life began in South Korea where life for dogs is very difficult. Alex was mistreated from the second he entered into the world. Separated from his mom and siblings at just a few weeks old, Alex was left in a dirty crate outdoors and alone. A U.S. Service member stationed in South Korea discovered Alex when he was only 8 weeks old and on his second abusive owner. Alex was skinny, filthy dirty and scared of everything. The owner didn’t want Alex anymore and was about to sell him to a dog meat trader. Luckily for Alex, the service member intercepted Alex and eventually brought him home to the States to live with his family.
Due to the abuse, Alex was terrified and often would shut down completely in terror: hitting the ground, curling up in a ball and pressing his little eyes closed as tightly as possible. Every little noise startled him. He began to find some comfort in his new home but his abuse haunted him. He became fear aggressive as he matured, deciding that defending himself first was the best way to ensure he would not be harmed. The family eventually realized Alex needed more help than they could give him.

Treasured k9s was able to take Alex and budgeted $6000 a standard 2 month rehabilitation with a professional behaviorist. It soon became clear that Alex would need far more than 2 months. Alex’s rehabilitation costs have exceeded $20,000.  The investment was well worth it because Alex has been transformed! Alex was taken to many different training environments that exposed him to different stimuli and experiences, was observed carefully for triggers anddisposition weaknesses, and underwent continuous training exercises during his rehabilitation process at the center. Alex has become much more at ease with meeting new people, is fine with wearing his leash and collar, is very dog social, has matured into a young dog who obeys commands, has manners and understands his role and hierarchy in human relationships, plays very well with other dogs and is sensitive to different personalities, walks great on a leash in busy City environments and has become an overall matured young adult dog.

Alex is looking for a home home where his owners are willing to engage with Alex in a manner that he has come accustomed to, meaning that they are excited to work with the training he has learned, can give him an active lifestyle- perhaps even to have another dog to play with- and are firm and caring in nature. This is a person/household who is calm, observant, firm yet would not apply dominance on Alex, but rather patience. We do not know how Alex is with cats and we recommended an adult only household or home with dog savvy, calm, older children. If you are interested in adopting Alex, please submit an adoption application. Alex is currently being fostered in the Baltimore, MD area. We are looking for an adopter local to the NYC Tr-State area. We are requiring adopters to attend 2-3 training sessions with our behavioral trainer in Islip Terrace, NY to ensure a successful adoption.