2014 Jindo Rescue Calendar

This year, we've done something completely different with our calendar! We've partnered with Two Dog Farms to produce a unique calendar representing Jindo Rescue across the U.S. Produced by Nathalie Garfinkle, the calendar features illustrations by the following talented artisits: Hope Myers, Alyssa Scerra, Jennifer Fosberg, Qing Zhuang, Janna Morton, Mika Nakano, Nicole Scerra, Elise Collier, Kat Berkley, Kelly Miller, Holly Rothrock, Ariana Oh and Kate Sterf,

The calendars are in production and we are now pre-selling calendars online! Order yours NOW so we can ship your order as soon as we receive the calendars from the printer. We expect delivery the week of Thanksgiving. If you would like to purchase in person, calendars will be available at Ambiance in Edgewater, NJ. We will publish the exact date when we know a final ship date from the printer.

Cover by Kate Sterf