Non-Profit Specializing in Korean Jindo Dog Rescue in the NYC Tri-State Area

Treasured k9s is a 501(c)(3) Jindo Rescue based in the NYC Tri-State area.

Events and Updates

May is Ready for the Holidays!

All May needs now is a HOME for the Holidays! May is still in foster care and wold love a home of her own. May is a special needs girl due to bronchomalacia, a rare lung condition. She is stable with supportive medication, although her long term prognosis is extremely guarded. May is a true survivor in every sense of the word and loves life. She doesn't let her disability stop her from having fun or enjoying the pleasures of being a dog. 

Through generous donations, Treasured k9s has secured funding to cover her medication for a year. Anyone interested in giving May a forever home or being a long term foster can email 


It's All About May! 

May is a Korean meat market survivor who was rescued by another group and flown to JFK where she was supposed to be picked up by her adopter. Unfortunately, the adopter did not show up and the rescue group did not have connections or a back up plan. Treasured k9s stepped in and agreed to take May in. Little did we know that she would turn out to be a special needs case with a rare lung condition. 

 May, was hospitalized the afternoon of July 4 at a 24-Hour emergency vet. She was in serious condition with labored breathing and not eating. After two sets of inconclusive x-ray, we proceeded with extensive diagnostics including a scope to rule out tumor/bleeding, ultrasound to see the lung more clearly, and tracheal wash. Every parasite test was run to rule out every possibility. May spent 2 weeks on oxygen puzzling the veterinarians. Finally, her specialist performed another scope and May happened to cough during the procedure. The vet saw all of her airways collapse and he then was able to diagnose her with Bronchomalacia, which is incurable. 

Treasured k9s incurred close to $6,000 for just that hospital stay and her supportive medication runs $200 per month. We are officially in a holding pattern until May is adopted. We cannot take in any dogs because we must make certain we have funds to care for May if she ends up back in the hospital. 

Right now she is stable and loving life. She would love to have a forever home of her own. If you would like to foster or adopt May, please email 






The Legacy of Minnie, Jindo Founder of Treasured k9s

On September 4, 2016 the world lost a very special Jindo. Minnie passed away unexpectedly and far too soon, even at the age of 13. The gravity of her loss extends far beyond my own unbearable grief. Minnie taught me about Jindos; coming into our lives by chance. Once we discovered she was a Jindo, I began volunteering with a Jindo rescue. That eventually led to me starting Treasured k9s and teaching the East Coast about Jindos. I met Rosalind when she pulled a couple Jindos from Brooklyn, who eventually started Two Dog Farms, Inc.Jindo Dog Rescue Network was created by me because of Minnie. If you adopted a Jindo from Treasured k9s, it's because of her. If you learned about Jindos from Treasured k9s, it's because of her. She has saved hundreds if not into the thousands of Jindo lives and changed the lives of the same number of humans forever. Minnie was a driving force in me and was behind everything I've done for Jindos.

I miss her each and every day but am honored for what she taught me. Her memory will live on forever.


Treasured k9s, Inc. is an all volunteer non-profit organization whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, re-home and reduce the number of homeless Korean Jindo dogs in the United States and other canine breeds when possible, by utilizing all training methods including dog psychology, pack mentality and positive reinforcement to reduce behavioral problems thus, increasing adoptions and owner-retention rates.

Treasured k9s is funded soley by donations. We appreiate your support. We accept donations via PayPal or checks can be mailed to: PO Box 575 Georgetown, CT 06829-0575

Treasured K9s Inc